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A Tailored, Bespoke Approach to


If everything in life changes, are you riding the wave or stuck in the undertow?

Develop inner-peace and life balance through targeted expansion of your highest self.  Don’t wait another moment to be the person you are proud of, let’s start today!


Hit a “ceiling” in your life or business?

You need a coach.

When successful business leaders, like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates,  recognize they lack clarity on how best to move forward to set the next goal, they lean on a coach to help them see the forest instead of trees.

I am the type of coach who helps you see the big picture.

Capturing a lifetime of both professional and worldly experience allows my a broad awareness and inquisitive communication to unlock your inner wisdom, allowing you to create anything from a clear outline of your life goals to a strategic (and profitable) business plan. 

Successful coaching aligns your values, ambitions and efforts. My role as your coach is to understand your true passion and create a comprehensive approach that achieves your goals.  Each of our sessions focus on uncovering the perfect next step toward your victory. 

Schedule a 15 minute call to discover how coaching can transform your life and remove the barriers keeping you from true abundance!

What does life balance look like?

Humans are complex creatures, yet we often look to one area of life for total satisfaction.  Whether it’s a career, relationship, kids, or finances, when imbalance is present our whole world feels off.

What I’ve learned through coaching hundreds of people is that our whole being must be addressed before we can make progress in any area.  This tool will enlighten where your life may be out of balance.  My coaching style invigorates growth in all areas of life, empowering you to evolve consciously and experience the most of what life has to offer.

This FREE tool is one of many I use to help align your goals.  Awareness is our most powerful asset, I invite you to gain insight  and take control of your existence. 



executive coaching

Expand into the next chapter of your life with intention.  Don’t tolerate another year of stagnant progress. Executive Coaching allows business professionals to find balance, develop innate trust, and continue moving forward to your next level of personal abundance with confidence.

Business intensive

Whether you are launching a new venture, looking to increase profits, need to build a strategic plan, or are simply wanting to 10X your existing business this year, scheduling a Strategic Business Intensive will catapult you to a new level of growth and influence in your market.

Training / Speaking

Engage your team, partners and organization in unified communication, motivational systems, and behavior evolution tools for healthier, more productive relationships.  Training, workshops and seminars are tailored for your audience needs. Our goal is to transform, develop, and activate new authentic connections.

About Hannah

I match results to your effort. If you’re seeking more from life then you’ve found the right coach.

While I genuinely accept all humans, I find myself drawn toward those who seek an abundant life.  Growth is one of our highest humans needs and I’ve gathering the most efficient ways to ensure you achieve whatever you feel is lacking.  Coaching isn’t for everyone, it is for those who know there is more to life and want help getting there.

My background in corporate transitions, entrepreneurial mentorship, business strategy and international travel ensures I am a trusted sounding board for all professionals.  I have been where you are now, my life was good and satisfactory, however the thought of being in the same place in five years made me realize this wasn’t enough.  I knew there was more inside, yet had no idea how to unlock it…so I hired a coach and did the work to transform my life into something I am immensely proud of, both now and for years to come. 

Client Feedback

What Others Are Saying…

Hannah is an amazing executive coach. She has consistently guided our team through many different challenges and her ability to understand other perspectives with zero judgement has been instrumental for our team. Hannah is an outstanding asset to any organization.

Ryan G.,  CEO @ WGA Consulting Engineers

“I highly recommend Hannah for business coaching and family mediation. She has made significant changes for the positive in both areas.

The way she views the world is extraordinary. Her communication skills are exceptional and here creative ability to assist her clients in looking at a situation in a different light are some of the reasons I recommend her.

The results I have experienced from her coaching skills have made hiring her one of the best decisions I have made in my business growth.”

Jeannie C., Real Estate Business Owner

There are three main reason I would recommend Hannah.

First, her heartfelt passion to help people. Be it professionally or personally, Hannah’s mind is always working out how she can help.

That ability flows beautifully in to the second reason, Hannah’s innovative problem solving. My experience has been, when I have exhausted all avenues, Hannah can find a different path.

Thirdly, Hannah is one of the most determined people I have ever met. When other might be apt to get caught in the muck, and become negative, Hannah pushes through. It’s not the blind oblivion that some folks live in. It is the determination she has that she will win, no matter the situation or how many mountains she has to clime.

April K., Logistics Specialists


Video Resources

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Interested in starting some extra work? Maybe it's in addition to a job you already have, or maybe it's an idea you'd like to share with other people. ... A side hustle is different from starting a business, as typically the intention is not to provide a living for yourself...although it is 100% possible for that to happen! This is also not for anyone who offers a service or product that is cash-based, or quick in-person transaction.

I created this series to give you the absolute basics of what's important to know when you're providing a service or product to an established business.

There are 4 basics. These video's are all a quick introduction, so ask questions and let me know this was helpful (or not) by subscribing!
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