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Lots of people as me what I do as a Business Coach so here is brief synopsis if you’re wondering how coaching can help you.

What does a Business Coach do?

Whether it’s direct growth to your bottom line, expansion of a team, product or service, a business coach is a major asset for anyone leading an organization.  From the entrepreneur to the CEO, a business coach helps resolve business challenges and gain overall results for specific elements or aspects the business is struggling with.  They help to align an individual with their business goals, develop a strategic roadmap, and chunk down their action plan to ensure those goals are met.

Professionals hire a business coach when they identify a gap they feel incapable of overcoming on their own. Often times it’s hard to identify exactly what is not working, a good coach helps to identify the key challenge and achieve accelerated results through strategic planning.  Enlisting the right business coach allows you to exponentially increase your growth at least 2-3 times over what you can do on your own.

Top Business Coaches are used as a confidential sounding board for executives needing to voice their fears and desires in a discrete setting.  Coaching is focused on expanding your mindset through new perspectives, uncovering limiting beliefs, and  exposing undetected areas for growth.

Business coaching differs from consulting in a few fundamental ways, starting with the intent of engagement.  Typically a consulting engagement begins with asking for data, whereas a coach engages first with curiosity, asking the right questions to find right solutions. By facilitating conversation, a Business Coach allows solutions to be created that fit the exact challenge rather than trying to provide a standardized one-size-fits-most solution. Business Coaching provides personalized custom advice for your current customers, products and situational challenges.  The best results require collaboration, combining effort and input from the executive or professional, coupled with the broader business intelligence of a Business Coach, to accelerate growth at a faster pace, taking you from A to Z gracefully.

Once an ideal solution has been identified progress continues by mapping a customized strategy to ensure goals are reached.  A detailed actionable plan is developed, chunking efforts and milestones into an achievable timeline assuring a realistic outcome.  At this point the business coach can be enlisted as a mentor or trainer  to ensure accountability and consistent progress is made, or they can step into a higher level strategic visioning role to ensure future roadblocks are identified and mitigated.  It is important to select a coach that has experience solving the problems your company is facing. 

How do I use a Business Coach?

There are many names for Business Coaching: business coach, executive coach, leadership coach, corporate coach, etc. and each coach will specialize in some unique offering such as revenue generation, leadership development, team management, branding, sales, training and education, online platforms, or e-commerce, just to name a few.

To give you an idea of how Business Coaches are used, a CEO or division head within a large corporation often utilizes business coaching to help articulate their vision, develop a plan for upcoming change management (such as significant increase or reduction in staff), or understand how to build alignment and cohesion within their executive team.  Entrepreneurs wanting to start or grow a new business venture, benefit from a Business Coach’s assistance with strategic analysis to better understand their ideal market placement, or important financial assessments necessary to establish profit centers and increased revenue opportunities.  Regardless of the professional’s needs, Business Coaching often includes important soft skill development through use of tools for more effective communication, constructive conflict resolution practices, and techniques for more powerful presentations. 

You are not alone, the nations top CEO’s regularly speak of the value they receive from hiring a Business Coach.  Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt said hiring a Business Coach was “best professional business decision I ever made.”  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah and countless others echo that message.  Is it time to make this decision for your company?

How do I choose a Business Coach ?

My personal strategy has been to interview at least 2-3 people, having a list of questions that help me understand both who they are and how we will work together.   It’s important to feel rapport with the person, trust your intuition (which is important at all times) and don’t be scared to ask hard questions.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as your interviewing:

  1. What have I tried so far to solve this issue?
  2. Do I have a confidential sounding board to share my dreams and struggles with?
  3. How much time and investment am I able to give toward the solution?
  4. Am I comfortable with the qualifications and references of the potential Business Coach?
  5. Does the potential Business Coach have a plan to accomplish my goals within a reasonable time?
  6. Can the potential Business Coach increase or build my connections and network?
  7. What is the ideal outcome a Business Coach will help me achieve?

I’ve had the privilege to mentor small to medium size businesses for over 6 years, working with dozens of owners on early business establishment, growth strategy, and creating efficient processes.  As a Bonfire Master Coach and Corporate Trainer, I’ve seen firsthand the massive impact an outside business strategist can have on the future of individual lives from within a corporation.  If you are thinking of hiring a Business Coach make sure you select someone you feel comfortable being open with.  Transparency is vital to building the right strategy and quickly solving your challenge.

Reach out today to learn more about how you will benefit from Business Coach with me.  I have had great success addressing the following issues within companies of all sizes:

Hannah Wilner’s Business Coaching specialties:

  • Professional Executive sounding board
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Increase Profits and Sales within existing business structure
  • Restructuring Trust – Creating trust in those who remain
  • Talent Optimization – Employee Advancement Programs
    • Elevate current staff rather than hire new
    • Talent Strategy to meet Business Strategy
    • Staff training and education
  • Building engagement with remote workers
    • Relationship building
    • Accountability
    • Engagement
  • Vision and Goal creation
    • Leadership alignment
    • Setting sales up for success
  • Transition Planning
    • Change Management
    • Strategy Elevation
    • Adapt and Overcome

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